jimmyHi, I’m Jimmy McDonnell, owner of Kholster (pronounced kolster). I’ve participated in shooting sports since I was a kid. In 2008 I decided to exercise my constitutional right to bear arms. After taking the class, passing the test and paying the state of Missouri their due, I obtained my CCW license. WoooHoooo!

Then I had to figure out how I was going to carry a heavy hunk of steel while keeping it comfortably covered. After looking high and low, I found a few holsters that worked to some degree, but none of them were perfect. Most of them required loose or un-tucked shirts or over coats. Few were comfortable. I’m not a patient man and waiting for someone to come up with what I wanted was not an option. So, I did what I always do; I retreated to my shop and got to work. After weeks of research and development and much trial and error, the Kholster was born.

Our uniquely designed Kholsters are made with Top Quality Leather and durable Kydex.  The leather on the body side makes them VERY comfortable – even against bare skin.  The Kydex is extremely durable and forms well to the firearm providing superior retention that will last.  Smartly crafted “Over the Belt” clips secure the  holster to your belt while allowing you to tuck in your shirt for maximum concealment.  The Belt clips also adjust to allow almost any cant angle or holster depth while keeping your gun comfortably and safely tucked away all day.  Kholster holsters are so comfortable, you will forget you are wearing one.  Really.  They are that good. And more designs are on the way. Look for the Kar KholstersMag Kholsters, and others in the coming months.

We also offer high quality holsters and products manufactured by other companies.  All products we carry are made or assembled in the USA. Check out everything we offer. And no matter who makes it,. if we sell it, you are still covered by our world famous Guarantee!

At Kholster, customers matter and you will always be treated with respect. We are here to serve you with the best products and service at the best price. Times are tight and you should not have to spend a lot to safely and comfortably protect you and your loved ones. Kholsters are priced low so you can spend more on your guns and ammo than on your carry rig. Our service is second to none and we back this claim with the strongest guarantee and warranty in the industry. So give us a try. I promise you will not be disappointed.

“we’ve got you covered”